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Meditation can be easy and enjoyable, if understood properly and practiced with a sensible attitude. I am happy to share its simplicity with you. I offer you a free course of guided meditations. Here is a taster of one of the longer practices below.

For me, meditation is a direct path to deeper self-awareness and greater peace of mind. It is simple and profound. A gentle practice of basic mindfulness is enough to expose the absurdity of all our usual drama and suffering, and remind us of our innate, unshakeable joy of being.

We are conditioned to look for happiness, when in reality it is always here, now within us.

Put simply, we can say that meditation is using the mind to recognise the mind. It is simply resting in your natural state of presence. 

Waking Up – Free Meditation Course – a Gift

My course offers you 5 easy simple and enjoyable guided practices, to establish your innate unshakable joy of being.

Explore your essence, and cultivate more awareness, compassion and loving kindness in your life.

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Free Guided Meditation

The course above called Waking Up has other valuable guided practices for you to enjoy.  Here is a different free deeply relaxing practice.

Yoga Nidra

is a guided practice of body self awareness. It leads you into deep healing rest while remaining fully awake. Please lie down for this 18 minute love affair with yourself!

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