Meditation can be easy and enjoyable, if understood properly and practiced with a sensible attitude. I am most happy to help you learn or deepen your practice.  Listen here

meditation is the direct path to deeper self-awareness and greater peace of mindFor me, meditation is the direct path to deeper self-awareness and greater peace of mind. It is simple and profound. A gentle practice of basic mindfulness is enough to expose the absurdity of all our usual drama and suffering, and remind us of our innate, unshakeable joy of being. We are conditioned to look for happiness, when in reality it is always here, now within us.

Put simply, we can say that meditation is using the mind to recognise the mind. Or that it is simply resting in the natural state of your present mind. Another profound way of describing meditation is this: allowing yourself to be simply and clearly present in the face of whatever thoughts, sensations or emotions arise.

We  cultivate a habit of simply pausing and being how we are, while remaining open and curious and accepting of whatever occurs.

To this end, I have made a course of meditation which gives you all that I have to offer in one place.

For those who want guided meditations, please download these digital CDs:

All of Everything and Wide Open Awareness

Here is a free guided  yoga nidra meditation


Jen C

I have been using the technique every single night and the benefits have been huge. I’ve never had more beautiful deep sleep since using it. In fact, I nearly rush to hear you. I’ve been having a lot of trouble switching off my mind. and this is working for me. Your voice is just made for this – so soothing, peaceful and reassuring to me. again another huge thank you for helping me truly find sweet delicious peace and relaxation – not to mention an improvement in my overall health. I’ll listen to you tonight – the best bit of my day is when you say “go inwards” right after the back of my eyes go black – Wow! – So blissful, or should I say “delicious” as you so eloquently put it. I couldn’t be any happier than at that very moment.


You very kindly gifted me a copy of your ‘all of everything CD’ and it has been a valued and precious tool for me to manage and cope with the challenges of life.  For this I am very grateful and have often sent you my silent thanks in the stillness.

Janet Legg

After learning simple breathing practices with Andy, I felt happy again, with an open heart, and free to be me. I had deep belly laughs and an open chest; it was and continues to be sensational.

Told by Andy Kidd, June 2013

My wife spoke to a guest last week at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat who had learned meditation from me there on a previous visit. She related to my wife how in her labour for childbirth the doctor had recommended that she have an epidural because her blood pressure was rising too high. Instead, she asked him to wait a half hour, during which she followed my meditation CD “All of Everything”, and then her blood pressure was normal again and so she gave birth to a healthy baby without the intervention.

Anonymous (as preferred by the individual)

I’ve been listening to the meditation CDs for most of the week now and I very much appreciate them.  I think you have such a good voice, one I believe in, that is not adorned or manufactured but simply is itself and that kind of honesty, without pressure, takes away from the pressure I put on myself …  It really is a life buoy at the moment and I am very glad for it.

Helen McCabe, Editor of Women’s Weekly magazine

Andy Kidd is an expert on breathing after a career devoted to yoga and meditation. Educated at Eton, an exclusive school in England, he has the accent of an aristocrat and the demeanour of the Dalai Lama.


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