The effect was so profound… I never forgot singing and hopping back to the cabin feeling like a 6 year old.

Eliza. A

“I felt wonderful. Everything was in alignment. All the tension left me.”

Eva. P

I leave feeling physically and emotionally lighter. The benefits of Andy’s treatments stay with me for weeks.


Zero Balancing

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Receiving a Zero Balancing session

To receive Zero Balancing, you lie fully clothed on a massage table and relax into my hands as I gently align your body with held stretches and acupressure, inviting blockages of energy held in your tissue to melt. The session is comfortable, deeply relaxing, balancing and very restorative.

Here is a demo extracted from a TV show in Australia called House of Wellness:

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Zero Balancing is gentle yet deep hands-on bodywork. It is deeply relaxing and gently aligning. Zero Balancing is uniquely the first modality to focus on the relationship between bones’ energy and their structure. It “trims your sails,” bringing the wind and the sails – or your life force and your body – back to ease and balance, making life smoother to navigate.

Zero Balancing is comfortable, safe and beneficial for everyone. You receive it fully clothed, lying on your back on a massage table.

What are the Benefits of Zero Balancing?

Zero Balancing clients often report experiencing deeper relaxation than from massage, relief from pain, improved posture and greater ease and freedom in their movement.

Zero Balance may help with:

  • Neck, back or hip pain
  • Postural imbalance
  • Recovery from injury
  • Chronic headaches
  • Stiffness
  • Stress and related imbalances
  • Physical and emotional trauma stored in the body

“I feel like there’s a breeze blowing through my body”

Pamela S.

Considered the leading edge of body/mind therapies, Zero Balancing moves beyond Western scientific approaches of body structure by incorporating Eastern concepts of energy and healing. Zero Balancing is a gentle yet powerful system that balances energy in the deepest tissues of the body, the bones and ligaments.

See for more a more detailed history of Zero Balancing.

‘What is Zero Balancing?’ is an isightful article here, by David Lauterstein.


“My ache in my shoulder has gone … headaches don’t come back.”

Allana J.

“It’s a lovely feeling of being complete.”

Jane D.

“It’s like a massage for the bones.”

Sally W.

“I felt taller… and more at ease with myself!”

Amelia. B

“I feel whole again”

Amy K.

“I feel safe, content and peaceful.”

“I was feeling really good for a couple of weeks.”

Sarah K.

 “Thank you for all you have done to improve the quality of my life, and for your caring.”


“The best neck and shoulder loosening I’ve ever felt.”

Nola M.

“I feel lighter.  Everything’s connected.  I have a feeling of integration.

I felt alert but not agitated. Like all the pieces of me were put back together again.”

I feel I’ve let go of a lot of things.”

Jo D.

“I have no more neck and shoulder pain, thanks to ZB with you: even though it’s been 3 months since the last session, it’s lasted. You are what has made me well over these last couple of years of seeing you regularly.”

Robyn C.

“I felt wonderful. Everything was in alignment. All the tension left me.”

Eva P.

“It’s a bit of a magic cure …”

Linda F.

“All the tension I didn’t realise I was carrying was gone.”

Eloise F.

“I felt lighter. I stood taller. I was so relaxed.”

Judy M.

“I felt 3 inches taller and strangely calm…”

Dale H.

“I feel younger, longer and grounded.

My head has been spring cleaned.”

Susan F.

“I am feeling my feet for the first time.”

Peta S.-S.

“I just wanted to say that I still feel amazing after my treatment from you! Walking taller, so to say.” 

Sheila B.

After my first session, my sore hip improved a lot and hasnt gone back to how it was.”

Jo K.

“My body could move any way I wanted. I felt more confident.”

Amy R.

“It’s like all the best bits you wish were in a massage.”

“I feel like a new being.”


“I feel reborn: taller, stronger and free.”

Shevaun S.

“I felt happy all day”

Kate M.

“I had an incredible result from a treatment from Andy – the good effects lasted for about 2 years – no neck tightness and headaches during that time. So grateful…”

Donna W.

“My ache in my shoulder has gone … headaches don’t come back.”

Allana J.

“After my last ZB I had no pain for about 3 months.”

Leanne G.

“I no longer see my chiropractor”

Bella B.

“The effect was so profound … I never forgot singing and hopping back to the cabin, feeling like a 6 year old.”

Eliza A.

“I leave feeling physically and emotionally lighter. The benefits of Andy’s treatments stay with me for weeks. My daily neck and shoulder pain is a distant memory. I no longer need my Osteopath or massage.”


“It’s as though I … was reminded how my body can feel if I don’t stand in its way. Your treatment not only put my bodily structure in sync, it also rid some wasted and heavy thoughts, freshened my breath. I exist right now in my environment, as a weightless force in complete control and with comfort. I feel permeable to the outer and protected. My mind feels sharp and rested. I’m grateful, Andy.”

Liz J.

“I felt just wonderful! Everything worked smoothly. I was in sync and flowed easily.”

“Since my ZB the pain running down to my foot went away”

Carmel L.

“I felt all my joints were free.”


“I felt like a baby being stretched and nurtured by my mum.”


I feel uplifted”

Carolyn M.

“I felt so long … like I had air in my joints.”

Clare McC.

“I walk out taller and much more relaxed.”

Sandra P.

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