Zero Balancing

This gentle yet deep hands-on bodywork is deeply relaxing and  aligning. Zero Balancing touches bones and joints to integrate your energy and structure in a unique way.  I practice in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast.

Legacy Books

I offer to record and publish your legacy in hardback. Your personal Legacy Book records what your life stands for, what you have learned and value in this lifetime. I capture your essential philosophy, rather than a full family history or biography.


As a registered Civil Marriage Celebrant, I’m here to help you create a wedding ceremony that is utterly unique to your relationship; a ritual centred around love and connectedness, that honours spiritual beliefs with grace and inclusiveness.


Meditation can be easy and enjoyable, once understood and practiced with a sensible attitude. I am most happy to help you learn or deepen your practice. I offer free guided downloads here.  I work in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast.


I’ve loved yoga for over thirty years, learnt and taught various styles and have developed Contact Yoga which I share in an instruction video available here. I teach in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast.