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Life Lessence is a record of the essence of you.

What does your life stand for?

Do you have life lessons you only wish your grandchildren could know and benefit from? Does your family want something to remember you by in 50 years?

Your memories and lessons have led to unique wisdom worth sharing.  Your experience need not be forgotten. 

I am passionate about recording the wisdom of your life and documenting it for you to have as a legacy for now and future generations.

Your Life Lessence Book will chronicle and pass on the wisdom of your life.

You can give this gift to yourself, or to your parents, family or friends. It can be kept private or shared as you wish. The very process of making the record gives you pause to recollect your most essential truths.

Your Life Lessence Book is not a Family History nor a Biography. Your personal Legacy Book focusses on what your life stands for, what you have learned and value in this lifetime.

Life Lessence
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You will receive 3 copies of your uniquely produced hardbound Life Lessence Book. It will capture your life’s achievements, adventures and recollections in words, illustrated with your images – the perfect legacy to leave.

Life Lessence is a record of the essence of you.

The process of recording your Legacy unfolds with you providing poignant photos from your life and then my recording and editing our conversations.

Key themes include:

What do you value most?
What lessons have been of most importance to you?
What has love meant to you and how have you loved?
What does it mean to live well?
What changes in the world during your lifetime have affected you the most?
What advice would you like to pass on?
What are your thoughts and feelings about death?
What is your greatest legacy?


Andy Kidd holds a Master of Arts degree in Social Anthropology and is fascinated by the experiences of elders in the community. He is passionate about documenting the Wisdom of Elders to be shared with their family and friends as a celebration of their lifetime.