Guidelines for Meditation

  • Don’t try! (don’t try to meditate, to breathe, to have enlightenment…)
  • There is no correct experience
  • Have a beginner’s mind

Let your thoughts be a passing parade: don’t jump into the parade, but turn your attention back to the practice.

Suggested Reading:

Eckhart Tolle:
        The Power of Now ISBN 0-7336-1912-6
        A New Earth ISBN 0-718-14857-6
        Practicing the Power of Now ISBN 0-7336-1454-X


Byron Katie
        Loving What Is ISBN 0-7126-2930-0
        I Need Your Love ISBN 184413026-6


Anthony De Milo
        Awareness ISBN 0-00-627519-2


Thich Nat Hanh
        The Miracle of Mindfulness ISBN 0-8070-1239-4